The standards predefined in the scope of the quality management system guarantee for a production in a controlled environment.
The traceability of orders and the relevant components during all phases of passage ensure a high quality level. Furthermore, any deviations can be detected at an early stage and corrected by appropriate measures.

Besides the certification of the entire business according to

  • DIN ISO 9001, the area of the foundry is subject to
  • EN 9100 (part manufacture for the aerospace sector).

Additionally to the organisational measures and the related continuous analysis and the evaluation of deviations, we have a comprehensive range of technical equipment to support quality control.

Furthermore we have other equipment for quality control:

Spectral analysis to determine the alloy components during the goods receipt inspection and at the cast component and for the monitoring of special magnesium melts in the production process.

Crushing system to determine the mechanical characteristics by tensile tests at the test bar.

Structure determinationby the microscope evaluation of grinding patterns.

X-ray systemto assess the internal properties of the casting.

Pressure tightness testing systemto check the components for pressure tightness.

FPI (Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection)to check the castings for cracks.

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