Our foundry stands out by a wide range of services - either with respect to the material processed:

  • aluminium
  • magnesium
  • grey and nodular cast iron,
  • heavy metal casting,
  • chill casting,

component sizes and weights or in case of special requirements of the casting, as for example the incorporation of sprue parts. The flexible orientation of our production in terms of quantity and delivery times makes a response to the requirements of our customers possible.

Based on the requirements of the customers, we develop

  • a manufacturing concept in close cooperation with the
  • production model making and
  • the mechanical processing departments,

which promises an optimal result under economic and technical aspects.

Thinking also beyond the specified parameters, new technologies and creative solutions make the production of especially demanding parts possible.

We are dedicated to increasing the quality of your parts, to reducing the rework times and to making the production more efficient.

Doing so, the use of a production model milled on a 5-axis CNC machine is possible in the same way as a conventionally produced hand model or a sand moulded part manufactured by 3D printing. Only the reasonable use and the combination of these processes make an optimal result in production possible.

During all phases of these processes, we provide advice in order to optimise your component in terms of the manufacturing costs. A casting-conform design for casting can be as interesting as the function integration of other components.

We are pleased to be at your disposal with our experience.