As for grey and nodular cast iron, we cooperate with different partners also for the procurement of

  • chill castings.

While we produce special parts in our house, we also use selected suppliers who manufacture the blanks with our technical support.

We take on the coordination. We agree the chill construction, the casting and also the final mechanical processing and provide a smooth order flow.

The cooperation with external partners ensures the technically and economically best result. It gives us the necessary flexibility to react to your wishes regarding the required quantity and delivery dates.

Alloy description

EN AC-AlSi7Mg0,3
EN AC-AlSi12Mg(a)
EN AC-AlSi10Mg(a)
EN AC-AlSi8Cu3
Support arm - built in rail vehicles of the Deutsche Bundesbahn (German Federal Railway) Support arm produced in chill casting

X-ray Systems
the determination of the structure,
a crushing system,
the optical measuring system GOM, 
surface refinement

provide for the quality.