It is often hardly possible to respond to the increased requirements of the industry with respect to the quality of castings using the traditional gravity sand die casting process.
Metallgießerei Wilhelm Funke is now able to offer the

  • differential pressure sand casting

to realise for example

  • Dstructure components with thin walls for e-mobility
  • heavy duty castings for new drive concepts or
  • complex magnesium castings for the aerospace.

Operating principle
The sand mould to be cast is mounted above the melting furnace at the end of the riser and hermetically closed with a lid.
A vacuum is generated in the chamber. Thanks to the atmospheric pressure, the melt rises into the sand mould via the riser.

Customer benefits
The procedure offers clear benefits in comparison with the classical gravity sand die casting process for the production process as well as for the design of the component.
You - as customer - benefit from

  • good mechanical characteristic values

compared with the gravity sand casting in connection with an

  • increased repeatability

by a controlled production process. Therefore it is possible to

  • eachieve closer tolerances and
  • manufacture structure components with large surfaces and smaller wall thicknesses with
  • good mechanical characteristic values. 

Metallgießerei Wilhelm Funke presently operates a pilot plant which works according to the electron DPSC process developed by MEL. With this system, we are able to produce your prototypes and small series made of aluminium and magnesium.


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