The starting point of our work is a tool designed for an economic production which guarantees the technical requirements of a process-safe and quality-conform production of the component.

The model making/design department provides for the implementation of the tool concepts developed in close cooperation between the departments of production model making, mechanical processing, quality assurance and sales in order to meet your requirement of highest cost efficiency and short lead times.

A wide range of possibilities from the traditional manual construction to the use of modern

  • 3D printing processes
  • CAD/CAM software
  • CNC milling technique

is available to provide the tools with the corresponding precision and within the relevant time.

Derived from the developed tool concepts, the model making department supports with

  • test and straightening gauges,
  • pressure tightness testing equipment sowie
  • processing and assembly gauges.

With our experience in connection with the existing capacities in design, the machinery and the employees we also produce for you

  • moulds, fixtures and gauges as well as
  • display and functional models.
Model equipment for pump housing Model equipment for pump housing