The traditional gravity sand casting is our core business.
While processing NE metals as

  • aluminium,
  • magnesium und
  • heavy metal

in our company, we cooperate closely with external foundries for the production of

  • grey and nodular cast iron parts.

Here, we provide for an agreement between the departments and partners to achieve the best possible technical and economic result for you.

A production designed for flexibility facilitates a fulfilment of your requirements regarding the requested properties of your casting with a wide range of alloys and the implementable component sizes and unit weights.

Depending on the alloy used, the following unit weights can be produced:

by sand casting:

  • aluminium up to approx. 1.000 kg/piece,
  • magnesium up to approx. 300 kg/piece,
  • heavy metal up to approx. 350 kg/piece;

by chill casting:

  • aluminium up to approx. 5kg/piece.

The excellent recyclability of cast materials additionally improves the life cycle assessment of your product.

We offer the appropriate concept - from prototypes to small series. 

X-ray Systems
the determination of the structure,
a crushing system,
the optical measuring system GOM, 
surface refinement

provide for the quality.
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