We deliver

  • pre-finished, processed castings

to customers from different industrial sectors.
You will get an overview of the parts cast and processed in our company with a wide range of dimensions, weights, alloys and quantities.

  • From the idea to the finished part.

Convince yourself by our references.

Gearbox for motor gliders
Ready for assembly with following surface treatment.
Getriebegehäuse für Motorsegler
Centre console for passenger cars
Weight approx. 1.5 kg
Wall thickness partially < 3mm
Mittelkonsole Mg-Sandguss
Mechanical engineering
Flywheel with cast-in bushing Ø 800 mm
Combination of 2 different materials with different extension / shrinkage behaviour
Electrical engineering
Part for a table saw
Small series produced in the chill casting
Teil für einen Tischkreissäge
Railway vehicle constructions
Components for trains of the DB (German Federal Railway)
Ready for assembly with following surface treatment.
Bauteile für Züge der DB
Reverse engineering
Reproduction of cylinder heads for a 12 cylinder racing car engine.
Nachfertigung von Zylinderköpfen