Based on our knowledge in the implementation of prototype and small series made of aluminium and magnesium, we also realise projects for

  • grey and nodular cast iron.

The foundries involved are familiar with the specialities of the quantities and the use of RP processes. Thus, we can react flexibly to all requirements with our production model making and our processing.

New description Former description Material number
EN-GJS-XSiMo 5,10 GGG SiMo 5,01 ohne
EN-GJSA-XNiSiCr35-5-2 GGG NiSiCr3552 EN-JS3061/0.7688
EN-GJS-400-18-LT GGG 40,3 EN-JS1025/0.7043
EN-GJS-400-15 GGG 40 EN-JS1030/0.7040
EN-GJS-500-7 GGG 50 EN-JS1050/0.7050
EN-GJS-600-3 GGG 60 EN-JS1060/0.7060
EN-GJS-700-2 GGG 70 EN-JS1070/0.7070
Grey and nodular cast iron Grey and nodular cast iron

X-ray Systems
the determination of the structure,
a crushing system,
the optical measuring system GOM, 
surface refinement

provide for the quality.