The pressure to save energy by lightweight construction with simultaneous high technology properties leads to

  • magnesium sand casting.

We offer you many years of experience in the design and manufacture of castings made of this modern and demanding material.

The alloys mentioned below are regularly processed.
However, we can also use other materials on request.

Description of the alloy

Alloys numerical chemical
MgAlZn   EN MC 21120 EN MC- MgAl9Zn1(A)
En MC 21130 EN MC- MgAl3Zn1
MgZnREZr  EN MC 35110 EN MC- MgZn4RE1Zr
- RZ5
MgAlMn EN MC 21230 EN-MC MgAl6Mn
MgSiCu - AM SC1
MgAg3SE2Zr1 - MSR-B
MgREAgZr EN MC 65210 EN MC-MGRE2Ag2Zr (QE22A)
  EN MC 65410 Elektron 21

X-ray Systems
the determination of the structure,
a crushing system,
the optical measuring system GOM, 
surface refinement

provide for the quality.
Magnesium sand casting Magnesium sand casting nicolai Awarded magnesium component for a high-end bicycle (.mp4 - Video).