Exact dimensions with small tolerances and pressure tightness are only some requirements of a multifunctional component made of

  • aluminium sand casting.

We are at disposal with our experience to develop a core-intensive prototype or a series part optimised to an economic production.

The alloys mentioned below are regularly processed.
However, we can also use other materials on request

Description of the alloy

Alloys numerical chemical
AlCu EN AC-21100 EN AC-AlCu4Ti
AlSi7Mg EN AC-42100 EN AC-AlSi7Mg0,3
EN AC-42200 EN AC-AlSi7Mg0,6
AlSi10Mg EN AC-43000 EN AC-AlSi10Mg(a)
AlSi9Cu EN AC-46200 EN AC-AlSi8Cu3
EN AC-46000 EN AC-AlSi9Cu3(Fe)
AlSi EN AC-44200 EN AC-AlSi12(a)
AlSi(Cu) EN AC-47000 EN AC-AlSi12(Cu)
AlSiCuNiMg EN AC-48000 EN AC-AlSi12CUNiMg
G-AlZn10Si8Mg  EN AC-71100  

X-ray Systems
the determination of the structure,
a crushing system,
the optical measuring system GOM, 
surface refinement

provide for the quality.
Aluminium sand casting Aluminium sand casting roeloffs
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