You want to realise unusual Projects or exceptional Designs, and are looking for assistance for manufacturing?

With our broad technical equipment and trained personnel plus a wide variety of materials and production methods, we manufacture your artistic designs or project.

Examples are

  • Bronze-Panels,
  • Casted sculptures,
  • Art-Objects or
  • Metal constructions

Objects can be casted, or manufactured as welding construction, materials for Art-Projects at Funke are

  • Bronze Casting,
  • Aluminium Casting,
  • Magnesium Casting,
  • Iron Casting,
  • Steel, Wood, Plastics

We are looking forward to support you with realisation of your Art-Projects. 

horse trakehner

kajak salzsee Simon Starling
Simon Starling: Project for a Rift Valley Crossing
A canoe built with magnesium extracted from Dead Sea water and used on the 30th of November 2016 in an attempted crossing of the Dead Sea from Israel to Jordan

 bronze-plate 'Hildesheimer Rosenroute'
bronze-plate "Hildesheimer Rosenroute"
Plane-model 1:18
Plane-model M 1:18