The production model making department is responsible for the provision of production tools which are ready for use -

  • whether hand models,
  • pattern plate equipment and
  • core cases -

for our foundry and also for external customers.

  • Wood, plastic or metal models

are produced on modern CNC machines - milled according to 3D data or using the traditional manual production method according to drawings.

Derived from the developed tool concepts, the model making department ensures support with

  • test and straightening gauges,
  • pressure tightness testing equipment and
  • processing and assembly gauges.

The training of our employees and the spatial equipment and the machinery make the construction of

  • large models and
  • lost models ( polystyrene )


Pump housing Model
Model Model
Technical production model making - design of models

Portalfräse FS 10 Dynamic
4-Achs CNC Portalfräsmaschine Bornemann 8040