From the blank to the finished part, a decisive step in the manufacturing process which especially requires experience in the processing of castings besides a solid technical equipment.

In our company, this process already starts with the production models which are produced in close agreement with the processing department taking into consideration the requirements of the clamping and processing concept.

With the comprehensive experience of our employees in handling different materials and castings, it is possible to ensure a dimensionally accurate processing which is optimally adapted to the component.

The use

  • of modern 5-axis CNC processing machines in
  • a climate-controlled environment, offers the guarantee of
  • high precision for the production of individual parts and larger quantities and with the
  • measuring technique, available, the current production is permanently monitored.

With further assembly work the surface coating and additional component verification that we assume for you, we relieve your procurement and make available a process component which is ready for assembly.

Crankcase for a 12 cylinder engine Crankcase for a 12 cylinder engine
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